About Us

Innovent is driven by the desire to develop solutions that bring superior functionality and work flow processes to its clients. This is achieved by challenging existing software limitations in order to unleash new and improved solutions that seamlessly integrate into an organisation’s existing work processes.

Basing our initial foundations in 2001 in the development of tailored solutions for MYOB users, Innovent went on to establish itself as a SugarCRM Partner in 2008. Innovent today is a dynamic, multi-disciplined organisation whose core competencies lie in developing on SugarCRM as well Microsoft products and languages.

The Innovent team has a wealth of experience working with business owners and IT managers and can quickly identify their clients’ business challenges. Innovent’s approach is to provide their clients with a strong partnership that enables an in-depth understanding of individual day to day processes. By applying intuitive technical ability, Innovent can resolve challenges and remove system limitations that facilitate growth for our clients.

What Sets Innovent Apart?

  • It starts first with the way we understand our client’s unique needs.
  • It carries through to the precise way we cut through to the core of a business challenge and identify the most effective software solutions.
  • It’s also present in the professionalism of our client focused approach as we communicate those options back to our client.
  • And lastly it’s in the precision, the timelines and integrity with which we execute our solutions, taking the once complex challenge and turning it into a simple, streamlined process.

Exclusive Discount

Receive a 10% discount on your first year SugarCRM licence subscription when you purchase a SugarCRM Consulting Package from Innovent. Call 1300 781 681 or email sales@innoventsoftware.com.au to learn more.

Introduction to CRM White Paper

This paper will give you an overview of CRM, the benefits it provides, and tips for creating a pathway toward adoption. The Introduction to CRM white paper answers the questions: What is CRM? and What can CRM do for you? It also gives the reader 3 key tips to get started with CRM.